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Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil

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Everybody has had them. Everybody can relate to them. And now it's time to laugh at them on BAD DATES, a hilarious new comedy podcast hosted by Jameela Jamil. Each week Jameela's favorite comedians, celebrities and funny friends share their epic and true dating nightmares and misfires. Like the tale of the guy who could only get frisky on top of a pile of stuffed "Garfield" toys, or the enraged beauty queen with food poisoning who chased her date through a kitchen window. There's even a bad date that involved gay Bigfoot.

From the team behind the hit podcast SmartLess, BAD DATES will make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and cringe just enough. Because as we all know - the worst dates make the best stories.

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Our Editor's Take

Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil is a comedy podcast. Host Jameela Jamil is best known for her television acting gigs. She played Tahani Al-Jamil in The Good Place and Gisela in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. She has also done a lot of voice acting, making guest appearances on shows like Harley Quinn, Rugrats, and Star Trek: Prodigy.

The Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil podcast has a simple format. Jamil invites two or three guests every week to share their worst dating experiences. The guests are comedians, podcasters, and actors. Sean Hayes of Parks and Recreation talks about his experiences with the gay bar scene in Chicago. Conan O'Brien explains that loud music is kryptonite for people who use humor to meet people. Grace Campbell tells how her difficulty saying no resulted in a second date becoming a two-month-long stay.

In each episode, Jamil first asks her guests what it's like to date them. The guests are candid about their shortcomings, describing their odd mannerisms and foibles. Then they move on to the stories on Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil. Each guest shares one tale of a bad date. There's the boyfriend who ate the leftover food off discarded plates at restaurants. One blind date turned out to be a not-so-distant cousin. There's the love interest who needed to be on Ambien to show emotional availability. One guy drove a Maserati but lived in a hovel the size of an Austin Mini. Jamil also likes to hear about bad dates from strangers on the internet. The stories she shares are hair-raising, to the delight of the listener.

Bad Dates with Jameela Jamil may be a fantastic choice for people who like comedy shows. Jamil is an engaging and entertaining host and chooses her guests carefully. There's a new episode every week, each running about 40 minutes. Fans of this podcast may also enjoy I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, the host's other podcast.

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