Rod in Flagon

Boots & Swan

A D&D comedy improv podcast, where two retired adventurers give questionable advice to the next generation of heroes. Starring Oliver Redboots (@OliverRedBoots) & Swan Maulsmith (@SMaulsmith), and broadcast every week from the Yawning Portal Tavern in Waterdeep. Send your questions to twitter.com/rodinflagon or show@rodinflagon.com

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Episode 30: Colleges & Traditions
Episode 30: Colleges & TraditionsEpisode 29: The Winter SolsticeEpisode 28: Post Mirt-emEpisode 27: Mirt (with very special guest Ed Greenwood)Episode 26: The First Rule of AdventuringEpisode 25: The Value of Wall SconcesEpisode 24: Double Freedom DaggersEpisode 23: Not the Brightest Light SpellEpisode 22: Tiefling MusicEpisode 21: Hot Forge TalkEpisode 20: Caveat EmptorEpisode 19: Funeral for a FriendEpisode 18: Serial Cultists, Featuring Balthazar The GrimEpisode 17: Awkward TreasuresEpisode 16: Fruit Basket DiplomacyEpisode 15: Live, Laugh, Love, AbjurationEpisode 14: Forget it Swan, it's the FeywildEpisode 13: A Pan-tastic WeddingEpisode 12: Waterdeep HOAEpisode 11: Thief Emeritus