Hawk Henries: Songs of the Earth and Spirit

#RevelsConnects: Musical Connections

Mar 2 2022 • 59 mins

A traditional flute player and flute craftsman, Hawk Henries shares songs and traditions of the Chaubunagungamaug band of Nipmuck and other stories of the people indigenous to what is now New England. He has been composing original flute music and making flutes using only hand tools and fire for over twenty-five years. Hawk is committed to music as a traditional art form and as a vehicle for building bridges of communication and mutual respect. He teaches and performs in a wide variety of settings: indigenous and international art festivals, museums, concert venues, powwows, educational settings from kindergarten through university level, flute-making workshops, and private family gatherings. Join us for a new #RevelsConnects: Musical Connections journey as Hawk discusses his journey as a musician, educator, and artisan flute maker. Hosted by Maggie Holtzberg, Folk Arts & Heritage Program Manager at the Mass Cultural Council.

Each #RevelsConnects: Musical Connections podcast is a follow-up to a 45-minute salon-style performance with the featured musician, premiering on Facebook Live and available on the Revels YouTube channel. Visit Revels Inc. on YouTube to learn more!

The #RevelsConnects Musical Connections series is sponsored in part by a grant from The Ithaka Foundation and produced in collaboration with the Mass Cultural Council. Audio engineered by Dave Jamrog Audio/Video.

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