Episode 60- Aggressive Offseason ft. Satiar Shah

Terminal City FC Podcast

Jul 28 2021 • 39 mins

Josh and Sportsnet 650's Satiar Shah talk about the Canucks buying out Holtby, trading Schmidt, Garland's contract, OEL and Dickinson as well as what moves the Canucks could make in free agency.

1:37- Schmidt Trade
5:19- Holtby bought out
8:07- Garland signs five year deal, where he can play in the lineup
12:22- Can OEL bounce back in Vancouver?
15:41- Pettersson and Hughes bridge deals mean Hamilton to Vancouver?
16:58- Luke Schenn rumoured to sign with Canucks
19:22- Halak to Vancouver?
21:15- Khaira to Vancouver?
22:41- Brad Hunt close to signing with Canucks
24:57- Rest of listener questions
33:41- Chelsea Champions of Europe and excited for the Premier League Season

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