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Medication in Pregnancy
May 30 2020
Medication in Pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a challenging time, particularly for women with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy who rely on medications to manage symptoms. There isn't clear information to guide either women or their healthcare providers on what to do during pregnancy. To discuss managing women with narcolepsy during pregnancy we spoke to Dr Michael Thorpy from Montefiore Medical Centre, New York. Dr Moira Junge (Health Psychologist) and Dr David Cunnington (Sleep Physician) host the monthly podcast, Sleep Talk - Talking all things sleep. Leave a review and subscribe via Apple Podcasts Audio Timeline / Chapters: 00:00 - 02:36 Introduction02:36 - 26:29 Theme - Medication in Pregnancy26:29 - 27:46 Clinical Tip27:46 - 30:40 Pick of the Month30:40 - 32:36 What's Coming Up? Next episode: Sleep and Pain Links mentioned in the podcast:  Prescribing medicines in pregnancy database - TGA (Australia)Drug Label Search - FDA (USA)Dr Michael Thorpy - Bio at Albert Einstein College of MedicineSurvey of experiences of women with narcolepsy in conception and pregnancy - Journal of Clinical Sleep MedicineManagement of narcolepsy during pregnancy - Article by Michael Thorpy in Sleep MedicineModafinil and Armodafinil registry data - Note in Reactions Weekly June 2019Review of sleep medication use in pregnancy and breastfeeding - ChestDatabase on drug use during breastfeeding - LactMed (USA)Leaders who devalue sleep - Sleep HealthNITE studyWebinar series - Australasian Sleep AssociationSee for privacy information.