Productizing Design Services, Adopting EOS Mid-Growth, and Shopify Partnerships with Matthew McIver

Agency Journey

Nov 22 2023 • 31 mins

Want to take your agency to the next level? Learn how Matthew leveraged EOS, strategic partnerships, and custom ecommerce solutions to optimize operations and expand offerings over 9 years in business. His proven strategies can help your agency demonstrate ROI and pave the path to sustainable growth.

Matthew McIver shares his journey evolving Commence Studio from a service-based creative agency into a productized business selling themes on Shopify.

Learn how EOS and Traction shaped their growth, why they partner with larger firms, and how custom ecommerce sites demonstrate clearer ROI for clients.

Matthew also explains how virtual tools like Float enable better financial visibility and why you should standardize systems instead of reinventing the wheel.

Tune in for a transparent peek behind the scenes at an agency optimizing their operations and expanding their offerings over 9 years in business.

Episode Insights:

💡 Implementing EOS framework for meeting cadences, planning, and clearer roles

💡 Transitioning from service-based revenue to product-based revenue with a Shopify theme

💡 Leveraging expertise into products/services others can use

💡 Partnering with larger agencies to provide specialized services

💡 Using custom Shopify themes over off-the-shelf themes to showcase branded experiences

💡 Proving ROI for clients easier with ecommerce sites vs. B2B sites

💡 Embracing a "collaboration over competition" mindset with agency partners

💡 Learning from other successful service firms to constantly improve your own customer experience

Resources Mentioned:

📚 Matthew’s agency:

📚 EOS (Entrepreneurs' Operating System)

📚 Traction by Gino Wickman

📚 The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

📚 Float app for cash flow forecasting

📚 Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

📚 Shopify Partners

If you're a creative agency looking to expand your offerings or prove ROI for clients, don't miss this episode.

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