Mini-Episode: Independence Day (1996) The Muppet Recast

Cinema Decon

Nov 5 2022 • 14 mins

Enjoy this mini-episode where we take our new segment of the Muppet Recast and we go back to cover our earlier episodes.  This one covers our original Episode 2,  the 1996 movie Independence Day.

Characters we recast in our ID4 Muppet Movie:
Capt Hiller - Will Smith
President Whitmore - Bill Pullman
David Levinson - Jeff Goldblum
Julius Levinson - Judd Hirsch
General Grey - Robert Loggia
Russell Casse - Randy Quaid
Constance Spano - Margaret Colin
SecDef Nimziki - James Rebhorn
Dr Okun - Brent Spiner
Capt Wilder - Harry Connick Jr.

Let us know who had the best Muppet Recast?  Who would you do differently?

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