#186 - How To Reduce a Population Through Mass Psychosis

Digging Deeper with Brian Hale

Aug 22 2021 • 22 mins

In this After Skool program, we examine MASS PSYCHOSIS. To view the accompanying video from Academy of Ideas, visit our On-Demand section of Digging Deeper or use the link below. https://www.diggingdeeper.us/ondemand.php?link=https://youtu.be/09maaUaRT4M The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste. preferring to deify error if error seduced them. Anyone who can supply them with illusions is easily their master. This episode will rock your soul to the core, IF YOU LISTEN. This is happening right now my friends. Will you laugh this off or get out and tell everyone to stop letting FEAR control their lives. Share this everywhere please. We all need to hear and see it. To see it, use the link above!