Mike Bristow - My Property World profile interview with Will Mallard

My Property World with WILL MALLARD

Nov 26 2021 • 1 hr 16 mins

Mike Bristow is best known as the public face of Crowd Property but less is known about Mike himself or his background investment and career story. One of the more interesting journeys through property, business, finance, consulting, technology and venture capital. The insights into strategy and the different levels of team are particularly relevant to most business situations because we all have lots of choices but how we make those choices matters. This is an excellent podcast to listen to now and to share with a friend who is either an investor, an entrepreneur or a property developer. You can look Mike up at www.crowdproperty.com to find out how they have scaled to a business that is funding hundreds of millions of pounds in development finance across the UK and Australia. Will Mallard is a social impact investor focused on English social housing portfolios with partners.