EP051 Manipulation in Action

Ownit! Powercast

Jun 9 2020 • 42 mins

Welcome to episode 51 where we take a deeper dive into what manipulation looks like in our communication, and how it can be so destructive to emotional trust in a relationship.

In this episode we look at the two types of manipulation: dysfunctional fear-based which is more commonplace, and that which is malice based – where there is little care for others, lack of conscious and ability to feel and show empathy. They suck you and everyone else in by seeming so thoughtful, sweet, attentive and they use flattery to get you to let down your guard. That is why manipulation is usually not detected until you’ve got both feet in the relationship.

Key Elements:

  • Look at examples of manipulation on conversation.
  • Explain why someone will choose to manipulate rather than be emotionally honest.
  • Discuss ways to work on your own manipulative behaviors.

Pay attention when people

react with anger and hostility

to your boundaries.

You have found the edge

where their respect for you ends.

- Sweatpants & Coffee





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