The Human Hat Rack (S1E23)

Overthinking Everything with Josh Brandon

Oct 25 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

The Human Hat Rack (The Demonization of Education) (Season 1, Episode 23) How Learning Expands Our Responsibility and How Lifelong Learning Can Help Prioritize Your Responsibilities in Life In this video I talk about all the responsibilities, duties, and obligations in our lives - the MANY "hats" we wear or roles we play. I discuss a dedication to lifelong learning and why that is essential to an evolved self and society. I'll break down my analogy that we are ALL just Human Hat Racks - how we need a STRONG foundation to keep from toppling over and how we need to build the strongest hat rack we can, prioritizing and stacking all of our "hats" or responsibilities! #education #obligation #duty Josh Brandon discusses the trend in American Culture to assume more than we can handle. Examining the many roles we play in life - the responsibilities, duties, and obligations we assume throughout our lives using social studies like psychology to take a life-coaching, self-help, personal development, and self-improvement turn in Overthinking Everything. Explaining how to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed through mental health and lifelong learning to provide mental clarity, more productivity, Overthinking Everything is like a weekly Ted Talk where voice actor Josh Brandon lays out the benefits of higher education, stoicism, and how to be happy by releasing a lot of your attachments - Ego IS the enemy! OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING SERIES DESCRIPTION Overthinking Everything is essentially about exploring the Origin of the Idea. Why do we think the things we think and believe the things we believe? Using the Social Studies – History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. These are the basic foundations of Political Science. In OE, it’s Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology. It’s art & literature, science and religion, and current events and conspiracy theories. Exploring our opinions and ideas through these lenses may seem daunting, but it's not as difficult to understand, once we unplug, detach, and step back from the issue. But it's a journey of discovery we'll go on together, Overthinking Everything! In this first season, Deconstructing A Culture of Cultism, I'm exploring not only the Origin of Idea, but attempting to explain how easily we are led down the path to cultism. I'd like this series to be an exercise in perspective and training the brain to think critically. This season will explore many topics beyond politics and history. I am simplifying a lot of very detailed and nuanced events, but it's time we examine some of what we know from slightly different angles - angles maybe we weren't taught in school. I am Deconstructing my own journey through politics, religion, social change, education, capitalism, and more. As someone who has crawled out of the Toxic White Southern Culture, I'm here to tell you it isn't easy, nor is it pretty. BUT, it IS Fascinating! For a new way forward – for Progress – please check out – a new anti-political, anti-party for the majority of Americans fed up with being sold out by Washington. The American Progressive Labor Party is an organization OF the Working Class, fighting FOR the Working Class. Why Won’t Washington Work for Workers? Join us and make them answer! FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE EVENTS, SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, ETC… (SUBJECT: EVENTS) FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR VOICEOVER… (SUBJECT: VOICEOVER) FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR COMMERCIAL, TV, or FILM… For booking information, please contact: Talent Trek Agency - Knoxville 200 Prosperity Drive Knoxville, TN 37923 865-977-8735 Fax: 865-977-9200 If you like my content, flex that support! Cashapp: $SirTalksALot FOLLOW ME! Where I go, WE go! JBVO.ME TikTok: JoshBrandonVo | JoshBrandonVO2.0 | JoshBrandon3.0 | SirTalksALot48 Twitter: JoshBrando --- Support this podcast: