The Peril of Perspective Trauma, Therapy, & Transformation (S1E26)

Overthinking Everything with Josh Brandon

Nov 15 2022 • 59 mins

In this video I talk about how we can learn to forgive ourselves and others and it begins with Perspective! I explain perspective, in how you see the world, and the perspective you obtain from others, which adds to your own. How do we obtain that perspective and then properly incorporate that into our own thought processes? In a big infomercial for therapy, I discuss my own transformation through trauma and what led me to this Deconstruction exercise where I'm Overthinking Everything. Powerful ways to see other perspectives, forgive others, and forgive yourself! This voice actor and media personality shares his powerful story of transformation, forgiveness, and seeing other perspectives Seeing other perspectives: How this therapy helped me transform How seeing other perspectives can help you forgive yourself and others #perspective #transformation #trauma In The Peril of Perspective (Part 1), Voice Actor and Social Media Actorvist, Josh Brandon explores perspective through the lens of mental health. An episode on forgiving yourself and others, overcoming trauma, and the benefits of mindfulness. Forgiveness isn't easy, much less forgiving yourself, but this Ted Talk / Life Coaching hybrid of self-actualization, self-awareness, mindfulness, and personal growth through storytelling, active listening, and the social sciencesis a good place to start. Fostering social change begins internally, through self-improvement, practicing self-compassion, and pursuing therapy, overcoming childhood trauma and confronting our PTSD. OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING SERIES DESCRIPTION Overthinking Everything is essentially about exploring the Origin of the Idea. Why do we think the things we think and believe the things we believe? Using the Social Studies – History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. These are the basic foundations of Political Science. In OE, it’s Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology. It’s art & literature, science and religion, and current events and conspiracy theories. Exploring our opinions and ideas through these lenses may seem daunting, but it's not as difficult to understand, once we unplug, detach, and step back from the issue. But it's a journey of discovery we'll go on together, Overthinking Everything! In this first season, Deconstructing A Culture of Cultism, I'm exploring not only the Origin of Idea, but attempting to explain how easily we are led down the path to cultism. I'd like this series to be an exercise in perspective and training the brain to think critically. This season will explore many topics beyond politics and history. I am simplifying a lot of very detailed and nuanced events, but it's time we examine some of what we know from slightly different angles - angles maybe we weren't taught in school. I am Deconstructing my own journey through politics, religion, social change, education, capitalism, and more. As someone who has crawled out of the Toxic White Southern Culture, I'm here to tell you it isn't easy, nor is it pretty. BUT, it IS Fascinating! A CRASH COURSE ON COMPASSION, COMMUNICATION, AND CRITICAL THINKING! Subscribe to my channel and if you’re interested in learning more about my methods and how you can apply them to your own journey, please visit JBVO.ME/Compassion to learn how you can grow into the next phase of you! JBVO.ME/Compassion YOUR JOURNAL JOURNEYS For more information on a 30-day child-centric writing and journaling exercise designed with to help foster a more communicative and engaged relationship with your child, please visit! MERCHANDISE Get your Overthinking Everything, JBVO.ME, and TikTok Trigger Gear at: FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE EVENTS, SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, ETC… (SUBJECT: EVENTS) FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR VOICEOVER… (SUBJECT: VOICEOVER) FOR BOOKING INFORMATION FOR COMMERCIAL, TV, or FILM… For bookin --- Support this podcast: