Party Crashers (Part 1: Kennedy to Clinton) (S1E2)

Overthinking Everything with Josh Brandon

Jun 5 2022 • 43 mins

Overthinking Everything is essentially about exploring the Origin of the Idea. Why do we think the things we think and believe the things we believe? It's not as difficult to understand, once we unplug, detach, and step back from the issue. But it's a journey of discovery we'll go on together, Overthinking Everything!

In this first season, Deconstructing A Culture of Cultism, I'm exploring not only the Origin of Idea, but attempting to explain how easily we are led down the path to cultism. I'd like this series to be an exercise in perspective and training the brain to think critically.

In this second episode, I'm exploring the foundations of what makes us easy prey for religious or political cults. Party Crashers, a 4-part series, will look at specifically the Democratic Party's struggles throughout history against what would seem to be an opposition that would seem to be reasonably and ideologically easy to overcome. Yet, the party has struggled to gain a foothold of power despite facing open corruption, white nationalism, and fascist ideals. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

It's rooted in America's Original Sin and, what I am exploring throughout this first season of Overthinking Everything, Toxic White Southern Culture. Part 1 explores Kennedy-to-the beginning of the Clintonian Era of Democratic Politics.

This season will explore many topics beyond politics and history. I am simplifying a lot of very detailed and nuanced events, but it's time we examine some of what we know from slightly different angles - angles maybe we weren't taught in school. I am Deconstructing my own journey through politics, religion, social change, education, capitalism, and more. As someone who has crawled out of the Toxic White Southern Culture, I'm here to tell you it isn't easy, nor is it pretty. BUT, it IS Fascinating!

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