A Taoist Monk Walks Into A Doctor’s Office

The Microbiome Report

Apr 8 2021 • 53 mins

What do a Taoist monk, a medical doctor, and microbiome documentarian all have in common? If you’re Pedram Shojai, that’s simply your resume.

In today’s episode Andrea Wien and Afif Ghannoum, speak with Pedram. How Pedram moves his clients from knowledge to action (6:37), breaking down complex information for the average consumer (12:26), Pedram's interest in the microbiome (18:33), a move from major platforms to sort out real and pseudoscience  (22:27), hotel lobby “cancer smell” (29:12), how someone can approach an establishment to discuss their health in a productive manner (35:20), Pedram talks about his film, Origins (40:20) and his daily wellness habits.

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