Dealing with Mental Health in Workplace with Danielle Jenkins Domestic Divas Cleaning Co | Ep. 281

EDGE for Peak Performance

Mar 25 2022 • 1 hr 12 mins

We talk about how to deal with mental health in the workplace as a business owner as well as business owners' mental health. About the EDGE's Friday Show
Every Friday Danielle Jenkins, founder of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co, and I talk busienss over coffee.

Danielle and I each run businesses doing millions in revenue each year with over fifty employees . We grab a coffee and pull back the curtain on our businesses.

We talk about what's working, what's not, what software and systems we use, sales and marketing, our own wellness and other challenges and solutions we've discovered running a business. It's a casual, honest conversation that you'll walk away with things you can use to run, market, increase your sales and build your business.

Note: the first 7-10 minutes we usally catch up on current events, news and things that have happened over the last week along with our reactions. Then we jump into the topic.

If you just want the core topic forward to around minute 8 and start listening.

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