Interview with Antuan Magic Raimone


Mar 22 2022 • 1 hr

Here’s a man who has been on stage in one of the most famous productions in the world and you’ve probably never noticed him. And that’s the point. No, he’s not some ninja or a camouflaged stage hand.

Antuan Magic Raimone is a Universal Swing, a dancer that can play the part of any of the dancers in any of the productions across the country. He’s been in In The Heights and he was among the first to join the company of Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC.

Antuan notes, “the key is not to be noticed.”

This might’ve come easily as the youngest of five growing up. He was the first to go to college and knew early on that he wanted to get into dance. The man who was to emerge as “Magic” was in the junior olympics in TaeKwonDo when he was 10 years old.

Antuan speaks vulnerably about the abuse he endured at multiple points while growing up and how, even as a black belt, he found himself in an abusive situation.

Now on the path to speaking from the platform as The Soldier of Love, Antuan says that mistakes exist, fear isn’t debilitating, and vulnerability isn’t a weakness.

He also notes that change only exists when we want it to and then he said something that made me stop and think: Sometimes people don’t have the capacity to put themselves first.

Start here, he advises - repeat these statements out loud each day:

I Am Love

I Am Loved

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