Interview with Andrea Edwards


May 3 2022 • 50 mins

Andrea T Edwards always knew who she was, even as a teen.

Strong and outspoken, she grew up in Australia and seemed to find a way of fighting for what’s right in the world. Or, perhaps, how to make the world a little more right.

She found herself in tech and in PR and Content Marketing, but that’s not what drives her. On today’s podcast, we dove into Freedom and we discussed social issues in a way I haven’t touched them here before.

Andrea shared her views on climate change and what we - all of us… each of us - need to do to make a difference for our children and children’s children.

Here, we explore Uncommon Courage - here we look at how an electric car might seem like a great idea until you realize that you must own it for seven years in order to have a zero basis for the footprint it took to actually create it. That’s one example Andrea T Edwards offered up.

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