Expectations and Outcomes


May 24 2022 • 19 mins

Let’s talk goal setting, for real. Not wishes, but getting stuff done.

Whether you’re guiding your team or guiding yourself, whether you’re managing up, managing down, or focused on your own accomplishments, you need to look at three key things:

  1. What were the expectations you have or had about a certain thing (or performance goal)?
  2. What outcomes are you getting?
  3. What support is needed in order to hit the expectations you have for yourself or others?

It’s just that simple.

Sometimes the support that’s needed is a break. Sometimes it’s a celebration. Sometimes it’s specific guidance from an outside person or coach. Sometimes it’s hiring the right people.

Reflect on those three things and then manage your calendar to allow for the appropriate amount of invested time you need for your goals to actually be met.

And… go!