Abandoning Hope, YES… really!


Mar 29 2022 • 24 mins

Wait, what?

Yep - it’s this simple: Hope Is NOT A Strategy!

We wish for things.

We hope things will get better.

And that’s based in a MindState of fear and lack.  What’s your state of mind when you wish or hope for things to work out? You’re basically afraid that they won’t. So you “hope for the best.”

What if you took charge of the EXCELLENCE in your life?

Think about leveling up to Exponential Excellence.

Allow yourself to DESIRE again and take the steps needed to fulfill that desire.

(Hint: Check out https://www.WaynePernell.com/PowerfulPresenceMasterclass)

Decide what’s IN and what’s OUT - what you will and will no longer tolerate.

Who’s responsible for the excellence in your life?

Yep! Now, what’s your next most amazing step towards it?

Go! Action, not hope!