Interview with Paul Glover


Apr 12 2022 • 53 mins

Paul Glover calls himself a Recovering Scoundrel. He notes that he is a recovering trial attorney who is also a convicted felon.

He works in leadership and workforce development with an emphasis on legacy building and his story of incarceration parallels the human condition.

Having grown up in three different locations, with a mother who was married seven times and a father who was married four times, his childhood was unstable, to say the least. It’s no wonder that you hear him use the term Commitment multiple times through this interview.

He says that he doesn’t blame his childhood. In fact, his first admonition to us as his audience is, “It’s your obligation to overcome.”

At a trial lawyer, he was hanging out with union people, some of whom were what he describes as “dubious characters.” He notes that his desire to belong and to get that rush of adrenaline is what kept him coming back for more. The Labor Union Leaders took advantage of his hubris, offering him approval and acceptance.

He was ultimately convicted for taking kickbacks and bribes as well as threatening federal witnesses. So, yeah… that’s a thing.

Leadership Lessons:

  • In prison he saw people coming back after they had gotten out. He realized then that it’s their own behavior, their choices, that keep them locked up.
  • We need to create psychological safety for others to give us feedback about our behavior and the impact it makes.
  • We need to look at the character we must develop to earn the life we truly desire.
  • Embrace life - enjoy the good, learn from the bad. There will be both.
  • Responsibility is a prerequisite for being an adult.

As a Legacy Coach, Paul notes again that psychological safety is essential, that commitment is required, and that change is hard.  Commitment to the process matters.

Book: Work Quake - changing the way work is done

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