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Our Editor's Take

The HBR IdeaCast is a podcast from Harvard Business Review and features in-depth interviews with business and management experts. Each episode focuses on a new business topic. It explores the latest thinking on leadership, management, marketing, and more.

HBR presents this excellent resource for business and management insights. The podcast is ideal for staying up-to-date on current business trends, and the discussions around them. Episodes offer helpful insights that the listener could use in their career and personal life.

The podcast covers everything from enterprise business management to digital marketing. Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch host the show. In each episode, expert guests are invited to share insights on a selected topic. Guests include CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics, and other business leaders. The guests talk about the challenges they have faced and the lessons they have learned. People who have appeared on the show include Kasra Ferdows, Kathryn Judge, and Sarah Cooper.

The conversation is always informative and often eye-opening. The varied topics give listeners a well-rounded view of the business world. The show is produced by the team responsible for Women At Work, Dear HBR, and Coaching Real Leaders. Each episode is around 30 minutes long, making it perfect for a commute or a quick break at work. HBR IdeaCast is an essential listen for anyone who wants to learn what's changing in the business world.

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