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Prioritizing Equity illuminates how determinants of health uniquely impact marginalized communities, public health and health equity, with an eye on both short-term and long-term implications. Prioritizing Equity is produced by The AMA Center for Health Equity and hosted by AMA Chief Health Equity Officer & Senior Vice President, Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH. Listeners can earn CME while gaining valuable lessons in racial justice and health equity from leading voices in medicine and health care. read less

Our Editor's Take

AMA Prioritizing Equity is a podcast from the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA Center for Health Equity produces the show, and Aletha Maybank hosts it. Maybank is a physician and AMA Chief Health Equity Officer & Senior Vice President. The show's main goal is to determine how health impacts communities-in particular, marginalized groups.

Being run by the AMA, this podcast holds many of the same missions and values as the organization. It promotes the betterment of medicine and public health. Running a podcast is another way they achieve this. It came about after the AMA noticed health inequities among various populations. And so the association turned its efforts toward short- and long-term solutions. That's how AMA Prioritizing Equity began. And this is what the podcast spotlights-the impacts, and how to resolve them.

AMA Prioritizing Equity is a diplomatic and straightforward recount of facts. There is little room for opinion, as the show uses data and analytics in each case. It analyzes prominent and impertinent issues in the health care system. For example, it talks about reproductive health care as a human right. Justice in education is a subject here. Other topics have also included race-based medicine, LGBTQ voices, and police brutality. It provides a voice for those who may not have one.

The topics are delicate and require respectful handling and care. Host Maybank is excellent at doing so. She addresses issues with the utmost sensitivity. Likewise, the qualified panelists who join are well-respected professionals. Often with a lengthy list of acronyms by their names, each is an expert in the field they speak on. Previous guests have included Dr. Torian Easterling and Dr. James L. Madara. Plus, for listeners who would like to find out more, a list of resources is in the show notes too.

AMA Prioritizing Equity illuminates the effect of health on various American communities. It touches on relevant topics of concern, hoping to explain and understand areas that have-until now-remained untouched.

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