184: The Shift List: Unearthing Leadership Potentials at Mid-Career with Jo Miller

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Sep 14 2023 • 32 mins

Ever faced a moment in your career where you felt stuck and wondered how to evolve into a leadership role? Have you ever thought about the monumental shifts required to transition from just doing to leading? Join us in an inspiring conversation with the remarkable Joe Miller, an internationally recognized women's leadership speaker and author. Joe, with her captivating tales and experiences, shares her personal 'shift list', a set of five fundamental leadership shifts that can guide us from being mere doers to effective leaders. She also unfolds the story of her life-altering mid-career moment, a cancer diagnosis, and how it led her to unearth her standout strength, thereby driving her deeper into her work.

In the heart of our conversation, we delve into the profound exploration of the five leadership shifts that Joe proposes for those in the middle of their careers. These shifts encompass the transition from being a tactician to a strategist, from delegating tasks to developing talents, from optimizing processes to transforming visions, from being an autotaker to a risk taker and rule breaker, and, finally, from a 'me' centered attitude to a 'we' focused mindset. We dissect these concepts, understanding their significance, practical implications, and the indispensable role of 'de-velegating' in preventing burnout and fatigue while maintaining work quality.

In the concluding part of our episode, we touch upon the crucial aspect of shifting mindsets for mid-career success. Joe illuminates the transition from an Optimizer to a Transformer, stressing the significance of being a transformational change leader rather than merely optimizing what is demanded of us. She also underscores the importance of taking calculated risks, both in terms of career and business, encouraging listeners to assess potential risks and rewards. Tune into this riveting episode to gain insights on how you can elevate and shift your leadership skills and set up your mid-career GPS. Come, let's embark on this journey together.

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