180: The Curse of Being a High Performer or High Potential

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Aug 31 2023 • 17 mins

Are you a high performer or high potential in your professional life? Ever wondered if that label could actually be a curse in disguise? Let's unravel this paradox together. In this thought-provoking discussion, we unpack the hidden dangers that lurk behind these sought-after titles. We highlight just how these designations can lead to an unbalanced work-life situation, create unnecessary stress, and even hinder your professional growth. Listen closely, this conversation is a treasure trove of insights for both individuals and team leaders.

Moving forward, we dive into the murky waters of failure and its impact on those labeled as high performers or high potentials. Not only do we discuss how it can affect your self-worth but also why it's a part of the journey that we need to embrace. Hear me recount my experiences of teaching advanced mathematics to middle school students and how it shaped my understanding of this professional predicament. Get ready for a deep dive into the professional world's double-edged sword - the curse of the high performer or high potential.

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