186: Off the Top Rope - Lessons in Career Resilience and Transition from Former Professional Wrestler, Wes Rhea

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Sep 21 2023 • 31 mins

Ever wanted to switch up your career midway but felt it was too daunting? Meet Wes Ray, a former professional wrestler who dared to dream differently and made it big in corporate healthcare compliance. It's a testament to his courage that he took on this dramatic career change and came out triumphant. His enlightening insights on resilience and the importance of pursuing your passions are sure to inspire you.

This episode is packed with useful advice, especially for those contemplating a significant career shift. Hear from Wes on how to harness your strengths, identify exaggerations in skills while interviewing, and the crucial role of evidence in determining job suitability. Wes's inspiring journey from the wrestling ring to the IT sector, backed by his sports-induced resilience, emphasizes the necessity of passion in your career. He also underlines the value of a robust support system, turning failures into learning opportunities, and the critical role of resilience and determination in achieving success. Ready to take the leap? Get inspired by Wes's story.

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