172: How to Be More Strategic in Your Leadership and Career with Carl J. Cox

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Aug 3 2023 • 36 mins

Join us as we sit down with Carl Jay Cox, a remarkable figure in the world of strategic planning and entrepreneurship. He's the mastermind behind Forty Strategy Inc. and has penned the bestselling book "Lost at CEO: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Strategy." Carl shares his unique journey from mid-career professional to inspiring entrepreneur, shedding light on his moment of revelation and how he embraced his fears to create something impactful. As a bonus, stick around till the end for a chance to win a free copy of his insightful book.

Venturing deeper into the conversation, we delve into the paradigm shift of how adopting a strategic mindset can propel mid-career professionals to new heights of success. We talk about the importance of setting ambitious goals and securing team buy-in to cultivate a strategic approach to work. We also explore the role of expectation management in accomplishing goals without the daunting shadow of failure. Together, we reflect on how striving for these objectives can earn you recognition and fuel your career advancement.

In the final leg of the conversation, we discuss the critical question every mid-career professional should be asking - how can I add value and stay relevant? We bring you real-life examples and talk about how to leverage new tools for higher productivity. We discuss the Gallup poll's findings on workforce engagement, the implications of automation and offshoring, and what it means for mid-career professionals in terms of relevance and value addition. So, join us and discover how the way you show up can make a world of difference. Don't miss out!

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