169: Transforming Nerves into Narratives: A Winning Interview Strategy

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Jul 25 2023 • 16 mins

Ever felt the sting of rejection after a job interview? Ever wondered why you're not landing job offers despite your best efforts? Let me, your host John Narell, take you on a journey to crack the code in this episode of the Mid Career GPS podcast. It's not your nerves causing the problem, it's the lack of memorable stories you're telling. Your tales seem to lack sparkle, cohesion and memorability. But fret not, I'm here with a unique method to help you become more memorable and less anxious during your interviews.

In this session, I'll be sharing my top tip that I advise all my clients on, to help construct their career narratives in a compelling way that leaves a lasting impression on recruiters. Let's dive into the 'story buckets' exercise - a way to organize and detail your career highlights to confidently answer any interview query. I'll also equip you with practical tips to handle interview anxiety, like embracing the nervousness and honing in on the conversation at hand. Trust me, this episode is teeming with insights and strategies that can turn the tides in your favor at your next job interview, helping you transform into the unforgettable candidate you're destined to be.

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