181: Career Transitions: Who You Were As a Student & Who You Are Today

The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Sep 5 2023 • 21 mins

Imagine going back in time to meet your student self. What advice would you give them? Today, we're doing just that in a riveting conversation about the stark differences between our student selves and our professional selves. We delve into the eight key contrasts, from the shift in purpose and goals to the evolution of rewards. With a good dose of nostalgia, we unravel how the knowledge and skills we acquired in our youth influence our professional journey.

Transitioning from a student to an employee is a significant step, and we're here to guide you through it. We'll share insights on the importance of feedback in the workplace, how to ask the right questions, and why you should take charge of your own career development. You'll hear a hilarious anecdote about career day and how it's changed over the years. This episode is all about leveraging the skills and knowledge from our academic years to navigate our careers more effectively. So join us on this enlightening journey as we connect the dots between our past and our future.

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