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Kelsey Cook and Delanie Fischer candidly navigate personal growth, entrepreneurship, and all the highs, lows, and gray area that comes with crawling in the direction of your dreams. Enjoy special guests, uncensored personal experiences, and a ton of hot tips for living your greatest freakin’ life. BONUS episodes and exclusive rewards now available at

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Our Editor's Take

Self-Helpless is a weekly podcast devoted to the topic of self-improvement. The irreverent team discusses life advice while making many fun pop culture references. It's like that exciting conversation at a dinner party when only the night owls are still at the table.

The podcast is the brainchild of thoughtful and funny hosts. Delanie Fischer is a recognized business coach, comedian, and sharp-minded writer. Kelsey Cook is a noted standup comedian. Adding another outrageous voice at times is Taylor Tomlinson. Experts, educators, and other well-known comedians appear on the Self-Helpless podcast as guests.

Self-Helpless began in mid-2017. This show is for the type A self-help adopter and the skeptic alike. Listeners of the show like to laugh at life. The podcast has created a deep back catalog of episodes for the new listener to discover.

The Self-Helpless podcast has an eclectic approach that allows a range of topics to get discussed. One week, it talks about a blockbuster book like The 5 Love Languages. Next, it could address something mundane and insidious, like practical tips to reduce household clutter. A great exchange can take place around specific mental health issues. There are also less serious topics, like special event planning hacks.

No matter where one is on a self-help odyssey, Self-Helpless can be a welcome stop. It's a chance to hear constructive and uplifting talk led by some funny women. Each Monday, listeners can hear another self-help topic. The show could change lives for the better. After all, if laughter is the best medicine, a belly laugh brings health to a different level.

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Why I Hated Vegans Before Becoming One
Jul 10 2023
Why I Hated Vegans Before Becoming One
This week we’re joined by educator, best-selling author, public speaker, and content creator widely known for his viral debates and speeches, Ed Winters. Annoyed by vegans? We were too. Eat meat, dairy, and eggs at just about every meal? We did too. Ed answers questions like isn’t vegan food expensive (and gross)? Don’t we need to eat animal products for optimal nutrition? Won’t animals overrun us if we stop eating them? Aren’t vegans just judgmental, elitist a-holes? But BACON! Whether you hate, love, or are indifferent about this vegan thang, Ed dishes out some shocking information that’ll blow your mind about health, animals, the environment, disease prevention, and social conditioning. Delanie (a huge foodie) also shares how this delicious, and surprisingly simple, transition transformed her life by curing her acne, reversing her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and improving her chronic digestive issues, as well as how it changed her newly vegan parents’ lives by lowering their cholesterol and reducing blood pressure so they could transition off of medications, eradicating their allergies, weight loss, and more. We double dare you to tune in. For 65 bonus episodes, exclusive rewards, and to influence content for the show, join our Patreon community:  Delanie:  Kelsey’s Tour Dates: Sales and distribution by Lemonada Media.See for privacy information.