WISL 47 Breakdowns and Breakthroughs feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block

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Mar 30 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

We’re continuing the Women in Strong Leadership series with Lisa Pachence, Audrey Holst, and Patty Block. Today they’re talking about breakdowns and breakthroughs.

The last time we got together was on episode 46 released on February 22nd, 2022 - we titled it “Service and Success - How To Have Both.”

Topics Covered In This Episode

Introductions, cringe-worthy puns, Audrey’s breakthrough, you can’t plan for breakthroughs, breakthroughs and vulnerabilities, being consistent with the process, predictable breakthroughs, the breakthrough in the industry, the difference between breakthroughs and change, shifting of habits, transformation is boring, breakthrough insights and results, the habit of change that creates the breakthrough, the difference between problems and symptoms, trust, how to know you’re going in the right direction, states of breakdowns, redefining the meaning of the breakdown, is a breakdown and breakthrough the same thing viewed through a different lens, in conversation - taking up too much space, celebrating wins, we don’t need a hobby to find joy, the joy of women coming together, the differences between coaching consulting and mentoring.

Next time: Step Into Your Power

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Guest contact information

Lisa Pachence https://www.coachingwithlp.com/

Audrey Holst http://fortitudeandflow.com/

Patty Block https://theblockgroup.net/

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