What If the Second Kira was a Male

What if Anime

Nov 12 2021 • 16 mins

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Anime What ifs

What if the second Kira was a male

Episode #3

Segment 1: Introduction

This will be explaining anime and what we will talk about

Segment 2: Mark getting the death note

● Mark gets the death note because a shinigami had a crush on him

● Mark wants to be like Kira and help him

● He makes the eye deal and tells kira to go to the market

● Mark meet kira

● Mark goes to kira's house

● Kira feels threatened but will use mark

● Mark gets cocky and stats killing a lot of criminals without kiras permission

● Kira flips out and does the switch book technique and loses memory

● Once he is clear hell put all the blame on mark

● Mark will start killing people like crazy and they have a huge fight

● Mark attack kira and makes him touch the book

● He gets his memory back and then kills mark

● L Near and the other kid all team up to try and find out who kira is

● Near thinks its light and L trusts light so he says no

● They finally convince L that light is kira

● Light freaks out and makes the eye deal but gets shot as soon as he does

● Light dies and L and his subordinates survive

Segment 3: Surprise reveal of next episodes theory

What if zeke never snitched

End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime

Music Credits: Mr.ruiZ

Lifeforce 9

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