What If Broly Was in The Tournament of Power

What if Anime

Feb 2 2022 • 12 mins

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Show Name: What if Anime

Episode 8: What if Broly was in the tournament of power

You are listening to the Anime What if podcast with your host(s) Ben Thompson and Eli miller.

In this episode of Anime What If the Podcast we discuss: the anime Dragon Ball , and What if Broly was in the tournament of power.

Segment 1: Introduction

This will be explaining Dragon Ball

Brief overview of story

Brief overview of events leading up to theory

Segment 2: We will talk about What if Broly was in the tournament of power

● Whis scans the universe for strong people

● He finds broly and his dad on a planet

● Broly and his dad become freinds with the Z warriors

● Brolys father wants to kill vegeta

● The tounament starts out the same

● Broly is helping out a little and little here and there and then kale goes Lengendary Super saiyan

● Broly beats her when he is in his primal state

● Broly starts to control the primal state even more

● He is constantly getting stonger

● Kae and califu fuse and broly fights with them

● Broly goes legendary super saiyan and destory the fused saiyan ● Goku has to stop broly ramage by goes ultra instic and knocks him out ● Broly comes back and beats jiern in the end

● Broly wants to give his wish to his father

● Brolys father wishes to bring all the saiyans back and be the king of the saiyans

Segment 3: Surprise reveal of next episodes theory, Dragon ball Theory End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime

Music Credits:

Mr.ruiZ  - Lifeforce 9

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