THAT GIRL IS CONFIDENT! A conversation between two boss ladies and how you can be one too! | Jada Perfect | Ep 24

The Authentic Me: Hosted by Mel Yu

Jul 4 2021 • 52 mins

Today’s special boss lady, goes by the name of Jada Perfect.

Jada is the founder of the women’s social networking community called Boss Lady Events. The platform and community brings together like-minded women in small business to empower, inspire and educate one another through her coaching programs, educational workshops and social events. Jada and her team help navigate other fellow business owners through the highs, lows and inevitable challenges of a business.

Outside of this glamorous business, she is one-half, the better half dare I say, of the husband and wife duo business, Sesame Pizza located in Hassall Grove, Sydney.

I absolutely loved the boss, feminine and confident energy of this conversation and I really hope you get some amazing takeaways out of it, too!

Episode Show Notes:

  • The influence of Jada’s mother on her confidence and values, how important our childhood foundations are [7:20]
  • How to talk to yourself and how important the language we use is [12:13]
  • Projecting beauty and embodying what is beautiful [14:00]
  • How to slide into someone’s DM’s and be authentic! Creating an online network [16:05]
  • People do business with people they trust [19:25]
  • Starting Boss Lady Events and creating an event from 6 people to growing an empire [23:15]
  • How to continuously show up day in, day out [26:19]
  • The common pitfalls of start-ups in business [30:43]
  • Make that money!!! Change your mindset and live in financial abundance [35:30]
  • Jada’s top three tips to living your best life and in fulfillment! [41:45]
  • What authenticity means to the one and only, Jada Perfect [47:55]

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