Phil Fuldner interview podcast hosted by Lenny Fontana # 118

True House Stories interview podcast hosted by Lenny Fontana

Oct 4 2023 • 1 hr 47 mins

TRUE HOUSE STORIES® W/ PHIL FULDNER # 118 INTERVIEWED BY LENNY FONTANA One of Germany's longest-serving DJs and producers, Phil Fuldner is a Kosmonaut. In other words, he belongs to that elite group of performers -- such as Tom Novy, Eniac, and DJ Moguai -- who've signed on with Germany's ultra hip Kosmo Records label.

Fuldner first hit the big time in 1997 thanks to the single "The Final" -- a remake of the old "Captain Future Hymn." A massive success on dance charts all over Europe, the release was a tandem effort with DJ Moguai, with whom Fuldner has had a long association dating back to the pre-Kosmo times.

In 1998, he had a go at covering the retro-classic "S-Express" -- the theme to the S-Express TV show -- and the result was yet another dance chart topper in Germany. During the next couple of years, Fuldner was busy in the studio producing and remixing a host of popular compilation albums, working with such big names as Timo Maas, Judge Jules, and Yves Deruyter.

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