Leee John (Imagination) interview podcast hosted by Lenny Fontana # 028 (Part 1)

True House Stories interview podcast hosted by Lenny Fontana

Feb 3 2021 • 33 mins

Leee John learned  music during his school , his first success in music landed when he went to New York and received his 1st signing with “Worldwide Records” BODY TALK was Leee’s 1st track and became a huge hit. At the same time Leee was also performing as a DJ and did acting and appeared in various shows. Moving on, Trevor Horn, manager to Grace Jones then signed Leee on R&B- a label made specifically for Leee’s music. Ashford & Simpson were  a really big influence to Lee.It was after Body Talk he joined up with Imagination.
Appearing on Top of the Pops was a great opportunity to show off their talent for live music. Hear about Leee’s time when he was invited by Larry Levan to go to to NYC to play at a club- Zanzibar During this time, hear Leee’s encounter singing to Marvin Gaye in his dressing room. Hear how Leee what was vital in how he produced his music and the important ingredients needed inhis track.
Hear Leee’s take on his track Instinctual which David Morales remixed this track and how it helped him evolve the next genres at from DJs and Producers such as Arthur Baker, Eric Kupper, Ben Liebrand -  New York Latin American sound.
Discover how Leee felt hearing the responses to his music from other inspiring producers in Leee’s life. Lee has written 9 documentaries and continues to follow his acting career too.
How has Leee managed to work through lockdown? What are Leee’s thoughts about the changes in technology and evolution of digital producing and using samples of old music in today’s music industry? Discover Leee’s feelings about taking his tracks and sampling parts. Find out Leee’s next plans in music and acting and what are the plans for imagination. Superb show of one of the most hugely respected vocalists in the industry.
What a legend, what a ‘True House Stories’ show.
interviewed by Lenny Fontana

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