About the 2021 CWE Most Important Hardware Weaknesses

Out-of-Bounds Read, the CWE/CAPEC Program Podcast!

Dec 1 2021 • 58 mins

This episode invites hardware experts to discuss hardware CWEs and the 2021 CWE Most Important Hardware Weaknesses. We discuss how this list will help the community, their favorite entries and surprising items on the list, and stories around hardware weaknesses.

Guests include:

  • Jason Fung, Director of Offensive Security Research and Academic Research Engagement at Intel

  • Jason Oberg, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at Tortuga Logic

  • Paul Wortman, Cybersecurity Research Scientist at Wells Fargo

  • Jasper von Woudenberg, CTO of Riscure North America and author of the Hardware Hacking Handbook

  • Nicole Fern, Senior Security Analyst at Riscure

References from this episode:

The 2021 CWE Most Important Hardware Weaknesses: https://cwe.mitre.org/scoring/lists/2021_CWE_MIHW.html