Knowing When to Let Go Bonus Replay EP 251

The Space For Magic Podcast with Patty Lennon

Jul 12 2023 • 35 mins

The show just hit the 4-year anniversary! Thanks for being here on this journey.    Today Patty is talking about the 5th rule of receiving. Do your 100%. This is often the hardest step for many of us. We often feel like we need to do it all. Our 100% and more.   Anytime we set out to achieve a goal or accomplish something there is a gap. We usually know how to do some of what we need to get to the desire result, but not all of it. Sometimes the gap is significant. We might not know what we don’t know.   Hear how the gap showed up for Patty when she was in the process of eliminating debt. She did what she knew to do like reducing expenses and making more in her business. She did her 100% but she knew that her efforts (alone) were not going to be enough to pay off the debt they already incurred. That’s where she had to allow the Divine to step in.  This happens in everyday moments as well. We can often become so focused on getting things done all on our own we don’t allow for the Universe to provide help beyond our 100%.  Hear how you can tell when you efforts may be exceeding your 100%. This is one of the things that the Magic Lounge members ask about most often. What does doing your 100% look like?   Patty breaks this down and explains how you can figure out where your effort end and the Universe begins. She also points out where you may be avoiding your 100% because it’s hard or requires courage over fear. That happens to all of us, but it’s not the same as over-efforting. Hear how to determine the difference.   Remember, the Universe is a consistent force. It is not related to your local economy, our personal circumstances, or any other outside factors.   Lastly, allowing the Divine to help you can feel hard. The more you allow, the safer and more grounded you will feel. It’s worth the effort.   “I assure you the Divine is here for you.”   Resources:   Make Space for Magic book   Join the Magic Lounge  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit