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Crunching The Numbers For Retirement: How Much Do I Need To Retire?
5d ago
Crunching The Numbers For Retirement: How Much Do I Need To Retire?
Now that we’ve taken some time in the last episode to discuss what your retirement is going to look like and even gave you some homework for what you might want to think about as you look down the road, we will dive deeper down the retirement rabbithole to crunch some numbers for retirement.Stick around as Jon and Kyle geek out on the numbers when they jump into a spreadsheet and play with the magic of compound interest and the silver bullets of real estate for those who have defined pension plans all the way to those who are left to plan it all on their own. Don’t worry, Matt wasn’t hurt in this episode.What you’ll learn: How much money do I need to retire at 55? …at 65? Am I on track to have enough money to retire and feel financially free? What strategies can help me grow my planned retirement amounts to live the lifestyle of my dreams?Tax benefits of borrowing against your rental property to defer capital gains taxes; and, Should I invest in real estate or invest in the stock market when it comes to growing my retirement nest egg?Resources: Retirement Planning SpreadsheetDownload our Wealth Building BlueprintThe Invested Teacher Wealth Building BooklistInterested in Partnership Opportunities?For those interested in potential Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships, reach out to us here.We're holding a giveaway to kick off the launch of the Invested Teacher Podcast. Join to enter the raffle!