Is Your Big Bank Investment Strategy Paying Off?

Invested Teacher

Jul 5 2023 • 39 mins

As we cross the 6 month mark of the Invested Teacher Podcast, we are starting to recognize that we have many Invested Students who are eager to diversify their investment nestegg across different asset classes like real estate, stock investing, options trading and safer insurance products, but they haven’t taken care of their current investments with their “Big Bank”.

In today’s episode, Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce dig into what millions of investors have the majority of their investment funds tied up in: big bank mutual fund products. Before you dig into analyzing that next real estate deal or doing a margin of safety analysis on that tech stock that is sure to skyrocket, let’s ensure we understand what your big bank financial advisor is pushing on you and what you’re giving up when you blindly follow their advice.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can determine if your financial advisor is acting in your best interest?
  • What you should consider when choosing a representative to assist with my financial decisions.
  • Who you should choose when obtaining a mortgage so your best interests are considered.
  • Why an exchange traded fund (ETF) or an index fund is a better bet than the mutual funds you are currently investing in.
  • Why dollar cost averaging (DCA) is a necessary strategy for all investors to maximize the growth of their wealth.
  • How you can use the Infinite Banking Concept as a tool to assist the funding and growth of an investment portfolio.


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