Your Investment Advisor’s Definition of Risk Is Wrong!

Invested Teacher

Aug 16 2023 • 32 mins

On this episode of the Invested Teacher podcast we explore the topic of investing risk, how we perceive it, understanding what you are actually risking, risk’s impact on our investing decisions, how you can leverage expertise to minimize risk, and how risk evolves with learning and experience.

As you’ll quickly learn, your investment advisor’s definition of risk is pretty limited and it may even be outright wrong!

Let’s take some time to help you determine which of the investment opportunities or business ideas you’re currently stewing on are risky for you and how you can begin lowering the level of risk so you can feel confident to take the next step forward.

What you’ll learn:

  • What makes an asset class high risk and who is it risky for?
  • How can you reduce your perception of an investment being high risk to simply knowing and understanding what is “required” to invest in that asset class;
  • How valuing money over time defines your risk and how valuing time over money may reduce your risk; and,
  • How can you use your relationship with risk to redefine what investment opportunities maximize reward, but limit risk.


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