Do You Have Your Financial Plan Backwards?

Invested Teacher

Nov 1 2023 • 48 mins

The Invested Teacher Team is back with another podcast episode where we delve into the critical aspects of building a solid financial plan that serves as the foundation for successful investing. Many people find themselves hesitant to start their investment journey, feeling like the financial successes of others are unattainable. This episode provides valuable insights and practical advice to dispel such doubts by helping you to take care of the necessary “stepping stones” needed to have success investing.

The episode emphasizes that merely having the goal of "investing" is not enough. It's essential to establish a comprehensive financial plan first instead of falling for the trap that many eager to invest individuals get stuck in and then struggle to make an initial move. We’ll highlight the significance of starting with a detailed household budget to first help prevent financial pitfalls like Parkinson's Law or "lifestyle creep," while helping you decide how you might start appropriately allocating your investment “seed funds” wisely.

We also emphasize the importance of safeguarding your financial plan through methods that won’t be restrictive to your investment aspirations. In particular, we’ll guide you to ensure that a balance is achieved between securing their financial future, while still propelling you to reach your lofty and audacious investment goals.

Stick around as we provide actionable strategies that will allow you to break free from financial inertia and get back on track towards your financial and time freedom journey!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it might seem like trying to “do” what others have done isn’t possible for you;
  • How starting with a goal of “investing” isn’t enough;
  • Why many who are eager to begin investing seem to get stuck and struggle to get started;
  • Why starting with your household budget with your fixed and variable expenses is an essential first step to avoid Parkinson’s Law or “lifestyle creep”;
  • How you might go about ensuring your financial plan is protected in a way that doesn’t feel limiting to your lofty investment goals;
  • Why you should reflect on whether you are being guided by the right team of individuals to help me accomplish my financial and time freedom goals; and,
  • How you can get “unstuck” from the rut you are in and back on track towards true happiness.


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