Who's Your Guide Along Your Hero's Journey?

Invested Teacher

Jul 19 2023 • 39 mins

Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and even Marlin from Finding Nemo were all heroes in their respective stories, but they didn’t do it alone; each of them had a guide.

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss your role as the hero in your wealth building story and why you should have guides along the way to ensure that you not only maximize your investing potential, but also minimize your time horizon through coaching and mentorship. The Invested Teachers also dig into the importance of recognizing where you are well-positioned to mentor others around you while continuing to leverage the mentorship of others who can keep you moving forward.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why great coaching is like a cheat code;
  • How you can maximize your role as the Hero in your wealth building journey by identifying your guide(s);
  • How coaching creates an environment of accountability and support;
  • How coaching allows you to move from learning to action;
  • Why so many people are reluctant to invest in a coach, mentor or mastermind; and,
  • What you should be looking for when choosing a coach, mentor or mastermind.


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