National Pharmaceutical Congress Podcast

Skin Spectrum Weekly

Created in response to industry requests, NPC Podcast Host Peter Brenders interviews an esteemed series of guests with pertinent questions about the pharma industry.

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The Evolution of Pharma Leadership
The Evolution of Pharma LeadershipS05 E08 Combating Covid-19 Vaccine HesitancyS05 E07 How Covid-19 Disrupted Cancer Patient CareS05 E06 Preventative Measures for the Pharmaceutical Production LineS05 E05 The Post-Pandemic Life Sciences LandscapeS05 E04 The Emerging Role of Medical CannabisS05 E03 The View From Bay Street: Life Sciences Investing in 2021S05 E02 Keeping It Legal: A Look at Life Sciences Laws and RegulationsS05 E01 Clinical Trials and CNS Research in CanadaS04 E08 Pharma's Future in the Post-Covid WorldS04 E07 The Role of Medical AffairsS04 E06 Cancer Research and the Impact on Patient CareS04 E05 Bringing Rare Disease Therapies into CanadaS04 E04 Building a Sustainable Life Sciences Sector in CanadaS04 E03 Reflections on the Consultant's RoleS04 E02 Venture Capital for the Life SciencesS04 E01 Bringing Anti-Cancer Therapies into CanadaS03 E08 The Future of Life Sci Innovation in CanadaS03 E07 Closing the Gap in Indigenous HealthS03 E06 Managing Change and Risk During Covid-19