Differences NOT Deficits

Debbie & Yolandi

For years, neurodivergent individuals have been told what to say, how to act, how to feel, what is okay or “appropriate” even when their body is sending them very different messages. Asking these individuals to conform and assimilate, disconnects them from their senses and body. As a result, most of our clients have lost connection to their own opinion or voice. They are actively masking their emotions, sensations, and voice. Many are scared to say the “wrong” thing all the time. The Differences Not Deficits podcast aims to be an accepting space to provide education and support to neurodivergent individuals and their support systems. As a speech language pathologist and a behaviorist we have realized that what we have been taught are “deficits” are often just “differences” in neurology. When we approach therapy in this light we learn from our neurodiverse clients every day. We want to empower neurodivergent people and those you care for them by discussing what we are learning and changing in our own therapy. We’re so excited to share this with you! read less