Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Mental Health Therapists?

Copper Digital

Feb 13 2024 • 46 mins

Brace yourself for another mind-boggling podcast episode unfolding the mind-blowing secrets of AI in mental health!

A conversation between our CEO, Arvind Sarin, and Dr. Ladi Boustani, the founder of Soul Therapy and Coaching, as they spill the beans on tech's impact on mental health care!

Episode's Key Highlights:

  • The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Relationship Between AI and Traditional Therapeutic Approaches
  • The Capacity of Technology to Comprehend and Support Individuals
  • Innovative Therapeutic Solutions

Prepare for mind-bending revelations and jaw-dropping insights!

Don't miss out on the episode that's shaking up the mental health landscape! Hit that play button now!

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