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From Micah Gunn:  Dr. Frank Turek Interview: Apologetics For Apologetics
Aug 6 2023
From Micah Gunn: Dr. Frank Turek Interview: Apologetics For Apologetics
Micah Gunn has given me permission to repost his his podcast Truth Be Told podcast ( with noted radio host Dr. Frank Turek posted originally on August 12, 2022 at In this episode of Truth Be Told, Dr. Frank Turek and Micah Gunn offer up a defense for the discipline of Apologetics. The defense of the Christian faith is not only something that is under attack from skeptics, but also Christians who incorrectly believe that an evidential approach to the truth claims of the Bible somehow hinders or infringes on an individual's faith. Some might believe that an answer to God's calling should be wholly apart from evidence or logic, and others might think that utilizing logical argumentation or extrabiblical sources are misguided attempts to seek God with manmade tools. Another concern for apologists (both professional and lay people) is the ever-expanding movement of liberal theology which claims that correct thinking about God is limiting to Him and shouldn't be engaged in. So, why should a Christian study apologetics, particularly in light of all of this refutation towards the discipline itself? Join us in this episode for the answers! Truth Be Told is a theology and apologetics podcast born out of a love of God's word, a hope to find common ground with those who study it, and a desire to outline truth.
Carol Emerson Hill - Retirement Part 2 -A New Beginning - A New You - A New Life
Jun 28 2023
Carol Emerson Hill - Retirement Part 2 -A New Beginning - A New You - A New Life
Carol Emerson Hill and I continue our candid discussion about how to face retirement positively as not end, but a new beginning. You can be fulfilled personally and be valuable to others.  In this candid and casual conversation, we talk about feelings, thoughts, and actions to consider.  You can reach Carol at Be sure to listen to our first podcast at   Here are some books that Carol recommended in the podcast.     MBTI Personality Assessment Official Myers Briggs Test & Personality Assessment | MBTIonline   The Enneagram Personality Test ( (There are MANY assessments. These are just a couple) Books: Book on MBTI assessment: “Do What You Are” by Paul D. Tieger (Author), Barbara Barron (Author), Kelly Tieger (Author) Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type: Tieger, Paul D., Barron, Barbara, Tieger, Kelly: 9780316236737: Books   The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life Paperback – September 24, 2002 by Rosamund Stone Zander (Author), Benjamin Zander (Author)   Don't Retire, REWIRE!, 3E: 5 Steps to Fulfilling Work That Fuels Your Passion, Suits Your Personality, and: Sedlar, Jeri, Miners, Rick: 9781465473547: Books   New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time: Sheehy, Gail: 9780345404459: Books   Making Life's Puzzle Pieces Fit by Greg L. Thomas   The Virtues of Aging: Jimmy Carter: The Virtues of Aging (Library of Contemporary Thought): 9780345425928: Carter, Jimmy: Books
My Visiting Ukrainian Christians For the First Time in Sept. 1992.
Jun 8 2023
My Visiting Ukrainian Christians For the First Time in Sept. 1992.
Recorded September 28, 1992 in the Worldwide Church of God.  Many ask me about Ukrainian Sabbath-keepers that I visited for the first time in Transcarpathia in 1992.  This experience greatly widened my perspective on what God is doing with mankind.  When Christ returns, He will marry His bride.  Who is the Bride of Christ?   Are you part of the body and bride that Christ will marry?  This episode recounts my first impressions of many visits.  It's also a time warp going back more than 30 years to the Worldwide Church of God.  This was recorded when I was Assistant Director of Church Administration for the Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, California. The USSR fell apart and formed 15 independent nations. One of those nations was Ukraine. When this happened, a remarkable development occurred in the world of faith which was a big surprise to us. We discovered that there were thousands of people who worshipped God in a manner similar to ours.  We found people who kept the Saturday Sabbath day, along with many other tenets of our faith that they drew out from the Bible itself.  It was a surprising revelation and revolution that we first found out about from a few of their immigrants to America in 1991.  I first met with their leader and a group of 13 other who settled in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  He told me an incredible story of faith and standing against the giants of oppression and atheism. The leader, Michael Palchey, also told me that I should go to Ukraine myself and meet some of these people. There were more than 3000 of them in Ukraine, 4000 in Romania and 3000 in Moldova. So indeed I did go to Ukraine in the fall of 1992 and want to share this adventure with you. This journey opened my eyes to a greater reality of God’s working with people in this world.  Christ will return to this earth and will marry His bride (Ephesians 5)   But, WHO will that bride be?  Is it just us?   Is it more than us?  Who will be there and who will not? What follows is my report to a congregation in Pasadena, CA about this adventure, how it came to be and its implications.