When "How are You?" May Not be the Kindest Question

Tell Me About Your Life, Etc.

Oct 9 2021 • 17 mins

Heidi Dunstan widowed at a young age noticed well-meaning friends frozen in awkwardness uttering words that hurt more than comforted.  Hence, she explains why saying, “How are you?” isn’t the best choice of something to say.  Compassionately, Heidi’s goal is to help all of us learn what to say to friends and family during their grieving process. From her own experience and talking to many other grievers she talks about what the process is like if we, sadly, experience a loss ourselves. Heidi is currently working on a book A Legacy of Loss. Https://heididunstan.ca/lean-into-grief www.facebook.com/leanintogrief Insta@Lean IntoGrief