Just Pretend You Didn’t Hear That (Movie Recap, Pitch Perfect)

Fiction Fixation

5d ago • 47 mins

Get ready for a wild ride as Fiction Fixation unleashes an episode that's practically begging to be used against us in the future. Brace yourselves as we dive into the hilarious world of Pitch Perfect, complete with oversharing, tea spilling, and enough laughter to make your sides ache.

In a valiant effort, Rose attempted to save our eardrums from Courtney's impromptu singing sessions, and she actually succeeded (if you conveniently stop listening after the outro). But trust us, you'll want to stick around because beyond the outro lies the juicy, blackmail-worthy material that's too good to miss.

Join Courtney and Rose, the self-proclaimed champions of unseriousness, as they dissect your favorite books and movies in the most unsophisticated ways possible. Prepare for their unfiltered insights and raw commentary that will leave you gasping for air between fits of laughter. We're not afraid to laugh at the things we probably shouldn't, and now, neither should you. Let the comedy chaos ensue!