Tax Able with Tash

Hillier Hopkins LLP

A podcast about tax? Sounds dull right. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Each week we will discuss bitesize chunks to tackle the beast including some handy tips and tricks. All I require from you is 15 minutes out of your week. Thinking of launching a business or want to know how someone achieved their success? Season 2 features bonus episodes with interviews with industry stars and leaders to give you the inside scoop. Make sure you visit www.taxablewithtash.com and follow @taxablewithtash on Instagram for more tips.

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Season 2 (Trailer)
May 2 2022
37 seconds
An Audience with Anjan Luthra - Founder of ThrillzDeep Dive into Investor Tax Reliefs for Start UpsAn Audience with Jeff Doble (Founder of Dexters Estate Agency)Deep Dive into the world of Estate AgentsAn Audience with Dr Benji DhillonDeep Dive into the Aesthetics IndustrySeason 2 (Trailer)Bonus - What in the Rishi Suank was thatLet Us Entertain YouConsciously UncouplingHome Office AdviceGo Green for Greta ThunbergDeath by PaperworkBuy the Whole Kit & CaboodleShould you put a ring on it?January BluesIt’s my money, I’ll spend if I want toHMRC The Elusive BeastHow To Crack the Christmas Tax CodeKnowledge Is Power