Trailblazing Women In Product Management: Shira Gershoni, VP of Product at Asurion

Productside Stories

Mar 19 2024 • 20 mins

Welcome to our Productside Stories Segment "Trailblazing Women In Product Management", where we dive deep into the world of product management and highlight trailblazing women in the field. In this episode, join host Nicole Tieche as she interviews Shira Gershoni, Vice President of Product Management at Asurion.

Shira shares her inspiring journey into product management, starting from her military service to becoming a key leader at a global tech company. Discover Shira's insights on working with diverse stakeholders, the importance of understanding your audience, and how personal experiences can shape your approach to product management. Shira also offers valuable advice for women aspiring to break into the product management space, emphasizing the significance of passion, resourcefulness, and finding mentors along the way.

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